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Aug 02, 2022
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Undoubtedly, a new wave of development led by the Industrial Internet is underway. Under such a new wave, what we see is an upsurge of Internet players returning to the industry. No longer blindly expanding its own platform, no longer blindly acquiring traffic, it has become a trend and trend. It is foreseeable that how to deeply integrate with the industry and how to find the correct way and method of de-platforming will become the key to measuring the success or failure of players in the industrial Internet era. In the past, players thought about the development of the Internet in the industry based on traffic. They tried to achieve the purpose of harvesting B-side traffic by empowering and transforming the industrial side. Facts have proved that compared with the scale of C-end traffic, B-end traffic is not huge. Therefore, if we simply apply the development b2b data model of the consumer Internet era, which is dominated by harvesting traffic, it will inevitably bring the development of the industrial Internet into the strange circle of the consumer Internet. Finding a new way of development that is truly suitable for the era of the Industrial Internet, so that the development of the Industrial Internet can completely escape the traffic trap, is the key to ensuring that the Industrial Internet can make breakthroughs. Otherwise, the industrial Internet will always be under the cage and shackles of the consumer Internet, and it will be difficult to achieve breakthrough development. Bridging the gap between online and online After experiencing the baptism of the consumer Internet era, what we have seen is the formation of two major "economy" represented by online and offline. When the information is asymmetric, the development model dominated by the online "economy" still has certain development potential. This is the key to the rapid development of many Internet platforms we have seen in the era of consumer Internet. When the development of the consumer Internet gradually matures, especially when more and more resources begin to concentrate on online platforms, what we see is that online players begin to show more and more.
The Industrial Internet is not a "copy" of the consumer Internet content media

Village live Fun & entertainment

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